Why should you buy Organic?

Why should you buy organic? To keep America beautiful and to get healthy!

The first important reason to go organic is to reduce the toxins in your diet and environment. My philosophy on health is to reduce toxins and increase nutrition. Organic products do both. They do not have toxic man-made chemicals and pesticides in them and they are a healthier alternative. Organic produce has more nutritional value. To not have to use pesticides to keep the bugs away you have to have a healthy plant that will keep the bugs away naturally. To have healthy plants you have to have healthy soil. Healthy soil means healthy plants and more nutritional value because the plants pick up the nutrition from the soil and sun.  So organic produce and products have no toxic man-made chemicals and they have a higher nutritional value. Two very good reasons to buy organic…you get more for your money.

Another important reason to go organic is to save our planet! The environment is getting more and more polluted which in turn is making us sick. We can make a huge difference by refusing to buy anything that is not organic and not healthy for ourselves and the environment. Buy refusing to buy unhealthy products, these huge chemical companies and corporations will have to change their ways. I’d say we would put them out of business if no one bought their products, but something much better would happen! These companies would not want to go out of business. They would just offer what the market wanted to stay in business! If the market would only buy healthy organic products, then this is what the huge corporations would start offering…healthy, organic products! If the huge corporations started going organic, then they would totally support the organic movement. With these huge companies supporting organic, it would make a huge difference in our health and our environment.!!!! If we also said NO to products that hurt animals in the production of it and if we went totally vegan this would also make a huge difference for all the animals that are being tortured every day!

Yes, YOU can make a huge difference! Remember Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see in the world!”

Organic products do cost a little more, but saving ourselves and our environment is more important. We are so used to wanting cheap products, but the downside of this is it is destroying our health and our environment. There is a negative payback to cheap products. Reevaluate your budget and make room for organic quality products. Don’t go for quantity, go for quality. Also..don’t buy anything that uses animal products. Walk in love for all living beings and refuse to buy things that torture our beautiful animal friends!

You can make a difference!

Walk in Love and Light!


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