What is Reiki?

I am excited about God bringing Reiki back into my life and I want you to know what it is, so I am writing this blog post about it!

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing, balances, and restores.

It can be done sitting in a chair or laying down on a massage table, fully dressed.  The certified Reiki practitioner places their hand on or above different parts of your body that are considered to be your body’s energy centers. The energy of Reiki that flows from the practitioners hands to the person is loving healing energy from the Most High.  People have different names for where the Reiki energy is coming from but they all agree the loving healing balancing energy is coming directly from the Most High, our creator. I am very clear Reiki comes directly from God and the name I call God is the Christian God which is God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. This beautiful loving, healing, balancing energy flows to the persons main energy centers of their body and restores and balances them. Reiki flows through the person and is there to support that person for their greatest  and highest good, whatever that is for that person. Reiki is intelligent and it ministers to the person where they need it.

Reiki is getting more mainstream now that people are getting results and many hospitals and other medical institutions are incorporating Reiki as a complimentary therapy into their programs.

People report some of the following results after a Reiki session:

• Feeling really good and more relaxed

•A greater sense of overall well-being

•Pain and stress reduction, and eased their tension

•Helps with side effects r/t medical interventions and quickened healing

•Feel it improved their quality of life and even helped them with their life direction

•Felt an overwhelming sense of peace

It is different for different people because Reiki is of God and God ministers to you for your greatest and highest good! What ever that looks like. It is a beautiful thing.  It makes a beautiful difference for people .   I feel privileged to be a part of this . ♥



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