Walk in Love today!

I like to play games with myself for fun….. One of my favorite games to play (with myself) and life at large is to dedicate my day to walking in unconditional love for all living things. It is such a beautiful space to create. The Bible says that love is the fulfillment of all of God’s laws…the whole Bible is fulfilled by walking in love. To love God above all and then love your neighbor and yourself! I don’ t know about you, but I find that more amazing than words can express!!! Walk in love …that is where our awesome God wants us!

How can you create a space of love for yourself?  I believe Jesus  is loving and God of all…. I can walk in love without judgement because I know all things are perfect because God’s perfect will is being carried out every minute of the day. God is in control. God just asks us to love with no judgement. I am not saying to stay in abusive relationships or situations.. Love yourself too…leave and feel sorry for the abusers and pray for God’s love to touch their hearts! Don’t feel like you have to change the world…God can do that…just love unconditionally… by  loving unconditionally, you are changing the world more powerfully than anything else you can do!

No judgment…. Just unconditional love.

Try it and be in the space of miracles! God says the fulfillment of all the laws of the Bible are summed up like this. Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighbor and yourself.

Ask God right now to use you as an instrument of thy peace and ask God to instill in you a heart of love for all living things!

If unloving things come up just thank them for sharing and kindly put them to the side and come back to your space of love..leaning on God for guidance and support!

Please share any amazing experiences, if you choose to follow this most excellent path of love!

I love you and God loves you too!


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