The Vegan Diet


I really believe God’s original diet was vegan. There are tons of studies including the China Study that backs up the vegan diet as being very healthy. Animal products including meat, dairy products, etc… are what appear to be causing the havoc with our health and big time with our environment.

In the Bible, Genesis 1:29, God tells Adam and Eve  to eat every plant yielding a seed and every tree with seed in its fruit. This was the original diet. Daniel (in Daniel 1:12 in the Bible) he just wanted to eat vegetables and water. Later on in Daniel it says that he and his friends prospered on this diet.  It has been found that people can thrive on a 100% vegan diet. If we can thrive on a 100% vegan diet, then why do we have reason to kill to eat. Not to mention studies show animal products can be detrimental to our health and environment on many levels.

It makes sense- death (killing animals and eating meat)=death, life (eating living whole foods like fresh vegetables and greens, where no animal was harmed or killed) =life.

The vegan diet consists of gorgeous life giving fruits, vegies, nuts and seeds, greens and superfoods that are vegan. No dairy products, no meat, no honey. My philosophy on healthy eating is, eat as close to nature as possible, just as God, our maker intended. So I do not believe that man-made vegan foods are healthy either. Eat everything as fresh and full of life as possible. Eat lots of raw fruits and vegies. I believe cooked food is OK in moderation and it’s vegan. There are a lot of raw vegan and vegan cookbooks out there. Check some out and experiment with the recipes. When you make delicious healthy food it is so much more exciting, beautiful and you feel great!

Live a positive lifestyle, walk in love, and  contribute positively towards others and society as a whole.

Being Vegan is a lifestyle, it is compassionate living! It is much more than just about the food.

There are a lot of great books out there if you are interested in finding out more about this amazing lifestyle. A good book to start with is the book that I pictured above. It is a quick read, just about 114 pages. It gives  you a very good start. I think she covers a lot of ground in such a short little book and I like how she presents it all. She makes it easy to understand. The book is called “On Being Vegan” and it is by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. Check it out and let me know how you liked it.

Here is to your health!

Love, Kim

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