The awesomeness of Meditation!


I love to meditate.

When you meditate regularly you will feel a difference in your life. When I meditate daily for 20 minutes I really do feel a difference in my daily life. I feel more peaceful, calm and centered…I can focus better. I also feel meditation helps my prayer life too. When you can teach your mind to be more focused, quiet and less distracted through meditation you can also be more focused  in your prayer time and in your day to day activities.

If you are new to meditation do not feel discouraged. In the beginning it can feel like you will never calm your thoughts down, but with daily practice you will be able to do better and better.

There are lots of different schools of thought and ways to do meditation. The way I meditate is to sit  still somewhere where I am comfortable and I close my eyes and relax. I make sure my cell phone  is turned off and I am not going to have any distractions.

Sit comfortably and quietly, relax, breathe, keep your spine straight. I tell myself that for the next 20 minutes there is nothing I have to do, no thoughts I have to think, just relax and sit quietly and peacefully before my God. Quiet and peaceful. I tell this over and over to myself to help  get in a place of nothingness. I tell myself there is nothing to do for the next 20 minutes. For the next 20 minutes I tell myself that everything is whole and complete…just a perfect space of peace and nothingness. Sometimes I just sit and just be profoundly present with the present moment. No matter what space you find yourself in while meditating, just flow with it and then release it back to a space of nothingness. If you fight all your thoughts and feelings that come it will make meditation more difficult. Don’t fight anything, this is a space of grace. Just be present to what “is” and release it back to a state of nothingness. It will get easier and easier over time. In the beginning it can be a little frustrating but stay with it.

I have grown to love this space of nothingness. It is such a wonderful space to be in. If I feel my life is a little chaotic, I will meditate and I find meditation quiets the chaoticness of my life. If I feel unbalanced in any way meditation also helps me get back into balance again.

It is said that meditation has many, many benefits…here are some reports :

Increased well-being and peace, it can change  attitudes to be more peaceful, more compassion and loving, taps into wisdom, harmony and balance within the body and the world around, helps us to live in the present moment. It can create a deeper bond with God, helps with focus, concentration, and creativity. It can improve relationships, promotes relaxation, it can help with anxiety. Meditation is helpful for people with high blood pressure and worry. It has been said to  support the immune system, support weight loss and and may help with depression. It can also help with your peace of mind.

Wow…meditation has so many benefits…you can do a study on meditation and find tons of other benefits not listed.

Why not give meditation a try today and post a comment on your experience with it. If you have any questions about meditation you can also post those too.

Life experiment: take 15 minutes to meditate everyday for two weeks and note the positive difference it made in your life.




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