Teachers of Unconditional Love…

Our pets ie. our dear animal friends and our dear animal family, are so special to us. It is such a loss when we lose one. It leaves such a pain in our hearts.

What is something so special about our beloved animal friends?

They teach us about unconditional love!

They touch our hearts with their innocence and love. They are always there for us… they always love us no matter how we may act, what we may say, or how we may treat them. They don’t give up on us….they keep loving….They don’t make up stories or think bad things about us, they just love us unconditionally, Pure and simple.

Let us learn from our beloved animal friends to love each other with unconditional love today!

be the light…

love unconditionally…it is a magnificent spiritual journey! The Bible says to love unconditionally…damn God is so profound!

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