Spring Space Clearing

Doesn’t it feel amazing when the weather starts to warm up and spring is just around the corner! This is the time when we start feeling really great and want to do our spring cleaning!

Spring is a good time to do some space clearing. When you clear your space you clear your body, mind, and spirit and it will feel amazing. Get rid of the old to welcome the new! Less is more.

Here is how to do some space clearing.

To start:

Go get a box of those really big, strong contractor trash bags from a home improvement store like lowes or home depot.

Start with two of these bags, one for trash and one for donations to goodwill or to give away.

Choose a room you want to start with. Go through the room and throw away everything you want to throw away in one bag and the other bag put everything you want to donate or give away. Do this until you have thrown out everything you want to throw away and gotten rid of everything you want to donate or give away. Use as many bags as necessary to complete this.

Now go through what is left of the things that you want to keep and clean it all up and organize it all.

After everything is organized and cleaned up, just be with the room and be present with it. How does the room and items in the room feel to you. Does the room feel good to you? Does it look nice and make you feel good to be in this room? Is there anything in this room that feels like it should be moved or rearranged or gotten rid of? Is there anything you want to add to the room to make it prettier or would make you like the room better? Is there anything that needs a little touch up paint? Anything that needs to be fixed?

After you have spent some time being present with this room, fixing what needs to be fixed, and rearranging or adding what needs to be added to make you love this room, do you now love to spend time here? If the room now feels peaceful and is a place you want to be in, then this room will be finished.

Now throw out the bag(s) of stuff you want to throw out and go donate or give the bag(s) of stuff you want to donate or give away right now.

Your room is now done. You should feel great and your room should have a lot more space. It should make you happy to be in this space.

Do the above with each of the rooms in your house until you have completed all of them.

It is good to make sure each room has some space and is clean, organized, and uncluttered.

Having a clean, organized life will make you feel great! Now you have gotten rid of the old to let new things enter into your life!

Here is to an amazing new life!


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