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I am here  to help inspire and support you to overcome your barriers that hold you back from increased Health, Happiness, Joy, and Abundant living.

Let me help you to put together your dreams with action steps for you to accomplish them!

Action creates new realities…not sure who said that but it is so true!

Let me help you “Be the Light” in this dark world!

I have been a board certified holistic health practitioner and a certified life coach for over 15+ years.

How can you start to improve your health right now?
A good start is to reduce the toxins in your life, increase your nutrition, and start to be more positive. Being positive has been found to increase your immune system and general over all happiness.

Come from a place of Love and your doing good!

I want you to have an amazing life on your terms!

Services to support you on your way to your dreams!

 ♥ Life/Health Coaching sessions  

 *Call me to set up a free session and see if this is for you. Are you ready for something more?

Let me help you find your passion and mission in life and for you to live a life you love.

I can also support you on your optimal health and wellness journey.

To be successful you need to address your body, mind, and spirit.

Let me help you to take the actions you need to take to make your dreams a reality!

Remember: action creates new realities!

Computer assisted personal nutritional analysis

I love this analysis!!! It is cheap (way less than lab work) and it gives you lots of valuable insights into your health!

Nutri-Body® Solutions nutritional analysis.

The Nutri-Body® Questionnaire analyzes 100’s of bodily signs of nutritional imbalances –Each person can thus find out which dietary recommendations and supplements are likely to be of most benefit in his/her unique case. This approach is often more reliable than laboratory tests for determining nutritional weaknesses and a lot cheaper! It is very easy to use. All you have to do is contact Kim Woods and she will send you a Nutri-Body® questionnaire to fill out. Fill it out and Kim will input your answers into the Nutri-System© computer nutrition program. Your results will be printed up and sent to you.

75.00 per report

For educational purposes only.

Call me to get started. Kim 317.409.4981

Email or call me and I would be happy to answer any questions you have or schedule your free session.

Kim’s email:   phone: 317.409.4981. Please put your topic in topic bar. Thanks

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