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To be successful you must first be spiritually healthy. If you think about it, how can you be successful, really successful if your are not spiritually healthy. It makes sense since we are spiritual beings in a human body.

What does it take to be spiritually healthy?

I have found for myself that being a Christian is where all the amazing Joy, Peace, Success and Miracles are! God is amazing and you can tap into the power of the Almighty God! We are talking unlimited amazing God power!

Some secrets to success.

•Read your Bible and do what it says because this is your powerhouse of success tips, especially proverbs. This is divine wisdom!

•Seek first the Kingdom of God and God will give you everything you need for a successful life.

•Love God first above all else and then love your neighbor and love yourself. This is the fulfillment of all of God’s laws! Do this and you will be in right standing with God!

•Pray and ask God for guidance, wisdom, and counsel on what you should do. Do what God tells you to do. If you are not sure what God is telling you pray and ask for clarification. Does it line up with God’s word?

•Do what God is saying to you. What are your dreams? What are you deeply passionate about? Could this be what God is calling you to do?

•What steps do you feel you should be taking on a daily basis toward your dreams and goals? Write them down and take action! Do them. Don’t get caught up in the future and miss what you should be doing today. Taking action is the key to success!

•Commit all your plans to the Lord!

•Be flexible… if God is changing your direction, are you willing to follow God’s plan for your life or are you going to do your own thing? God knows me on this.

•Get involved in a church you love. Not mandatory, but it is nice to get support from others and build a nice group of friends. Just remember that Christians are not perfect…they are human just like everyone else! We serve Jesus not people…walk in love and grace for each other! Check out several different churches until you find the one you love!

Look out! These are some life changing, major transformational success tips!  Hang on to your hat and live a life you absolutely love!

You have an unlimited God on your side. Ask God to direct your path.

May God help you exceed your wildest dreams!






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