Random Resources


Reduce toxins from your life ! See the Movie “Stink” by Jon Whelan

It is on Netflix for free…here is the stink trailer:

Have you ever thought that what you do for work can be Sacred? Check out these interesting books!

animal rights:


vegforlife.org   Veg for Life…a farm sanctuary campaign



All-Creatures.org- get a free vegan brochure at their website. They also sell animal rights brochures you can hand out.

veganoutreach.org–  get a free vegan brochure by going to their website. They also sell animal rights brochures you can hand out.

Other random stuff…

http://www.landmarkworldwide.com *I highly recommend doing the landmark forum. Redefine what is possible in your life! Do the landmark forum!


Watch videos of Landmark in the News, Landmark Forum leaders, and grads. Landmark Youtube Channel >


Watch insights from Landmark Forum leaders come to life.Landmark Insights channel >


Vegan documentaries

Food Matters


Forks over Knives

Simply Raw:Reversing diabetes in 30 days (2009)

Fat, Sick, & nearly dead


SuperCharge Me

Diet for a New America… hosted by John Robbins

Living on Live Food …Alissa Cohen


Align with the Divine by Kim Woods- find and get closer to God

Becoming Vegan by Davis & Melina

Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer

How not to Die by Michael Greger, MD

I love the magazine VegNews! check it out at VegNews.com

I am obsessed with the vegan Chala handbags! Check them out at amazon.com

I just found out that you can donate money from your Kroger purchases to a charity of your choice. I picked Uplands Peak Sanctuary but there are other animal sanctuaries you could choose. Just go to Kroger.com and register your card and then choose a place you want to donate to from your Kroger purchases. This is an easy way to help the animals with no cost involved. Also if you go to Peta.org you can get on their text list and they will send you texts on petitions to help animals. All you have to do is text Y and you can go on petitions to help animals, super easy!!! Our beautiful animal friends need us! ❤

Kroger is my grocery store in Indiana…if you don’t have a Kroger in your area see if your grocery store lets you donate to causes in your area.


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