Please Read! Beware of Charities!


Hello….I would like to fill you guys in on some charities, that I feel are up to no good! I had a call the other day and they asked me if I wanted to support US veterans that fell through the cracks and needed assistance. When they explained what they did, it sounded great, and I was ready to donate money to this cause. Then…A thought hit me…ask them how much money does the Veterans actually get from the donated amount. The caller told me the Veterans only see ten percent of that money. That is…If I donated $100.00, the Vets would only see $10.00 of that!!! $90.00 of that money goes somewhere else. The caller did not know where 90% of the money went, but they gave me some website to go to.

Moral of the story… always know who you are donating to and how much the cause actually gets!

I have heard some causes only give 1-2% of the money to actually helping people!

Another issue I have with charities….The ones that say please donate so we can find a cure¬†for cancer, diabetes, heart disease…you know the ones. WHY?????????????? would we donate to these causes to find a cure when there are plenty of documented cases showing we already have cures for these things! We should be supporting the people who actually do have the cures and use the money we donate to get the people the help they need and the assistance to get to these places that have the cures. A lot of the cures are actually just a change in diet! We should be helping ¬†people get better and stop wasting our money trying to find the cures when we already found the cures!!! It makes no sense! PLEASE! Does this make sense to you! Stop trying to find the cures and start helping people get better!

I love charities that are legit! Absolutely..please support them, they are doing wonderful things.

Find the charities that care not the ones that are in it for the money, making big bucks off of the less fortunate.

It is better to give than receive! That is Biblical. Be generous! Love unconditionally!

God Bless!


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