What translation of the Bible should I get?

God is Love!   When I first became a Christian many years ago, (WOW… 30 years ago!) I was very concerned about what translation of the Bible I should get. I was worried if I got the King James Bible and did not understand the language, I would misinterpret...

Seek first the Kingdom of God….and God will show you the way!

Do you sometimes wonder what would be the best thing to do? Ask God your ultimate counselor, guide, and friend. This may be a simple statement, but it can make a profound difference in your life. Write yourself a post it note and put it in your datebook so...

Living an Amazing Life!

  Let’s make a difference for ourselves, our families, the animals, and for our planet! The first step is getting ourselves in a good place! Like Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world”! Spirituality is super important to have a great life! We are...



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