One of my favorite devotionals!


I love this devotional “Jesus Calling”.

Sarah Young is the author. Sarah wrote down what she felt God was telling her and she made it into a 365 day devotional. The book never gets old. Read a devotional a day. There is one short devotional each day for 365 days. At the end of the year you just go to the beginning of the book and start again at January first.

I love this book. I look forward to reading it every day. This book has opened my eyes to things I never thought of before like…

November 1st  talks about how this world is rigged to distract us from God…so true.

October 27 talks about how we are so worried and preoccupied with the future that we fail to see the choices we need to make today…again so true!

November 5 talks about how we put up barriers that keep us from God, but God does not set up barriers between us. (How nice that God does not put up any barriers…we have free and full access to the God Almighty!)

November 5 also talks about not letting our well-being depend on our circumstances, but instead have our well-being depend on trusting and being with God. It is possible to be content in any and every situation. (Just like Paul said in Phillipians 4:11 he said he learned to be content in all circumstances, whether he had a lot or little)

I can quote the whole book if I don’t stop now… LOL

Check out this book and see if it turns out to be one of your favorites also!

Love in Christ!



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