New Years Resolutions in November


I don’t know why, but I have been inspired to do my new years resolutions right now, in November.

One thing I love to do every year is my new years resolutions!!! To plan out my new year, to create a life I love!

I love to create, and creating my life is so much fun. Life as Art! I think this is why I love to Life Coach people so much. It is such a creative process to support people in designing lives they love and supporting them into making it their reality!

Every year when I make my new years resolutions I create a vision board. I have been doing this for years. To create a vision board: I get a big piece of poster board. Look in magazines and online and get pictures, quotes, etc… that inspire me and I paste them onto my board. I like to set my goals for the year and then make sure I have  pictures and things that inspire me in these areas. Sometimes you may find things online that inspire you and you may change your new years goals around a bit. I like what Danielle LaPorte says about making your goals about how you want to feel, instead of just things that need to be done. For instance, you might want to make more money next year…why? It may be because you want to feel more freedom and ease in your life, like that.

This year I turned my vision board into something new. Instead of a vision board I made a vision notebook. This is a pretty, inspiring notebook that fits in my purse and I can look at it during the day to inspire me when needed and to keep me present to my dreams and goals. The above picture is my new vision notebook.

This is a fun, creative project on life design…give it a try and please share.



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