If you are a married guy read this!


If you are married, this is a must see movie!!! It shows Christian couples how to have a good, loving Christian marriage.  It especially shows men how to be the man he needs to be in a Godly marriage. This movie is especially good for the Christian guys!

I made my boys see this movie, well they liked the movie so I didn’t really have to make them.

I have seen the problems this couple were experiencing in lots of Christian marriages over the years. This movie shows what happens in a lot of real life struggling marriages. This movie also shows the very real struggle the guy in the marriage went through to get to the other side and save his marriage! Guys don’t get women a lot of the times. I have heard men say on many occasions that they had no idea their wives were so miserable until their wives are desperate and finally ask for a divorce! This movie brings it to light and shows men how to save their marriage or make their marriage a better one.

This is a great movie!

May all your marriages be Richly Blessed!



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