I Love Google!


My son used to say, you can find anything you want on Google. I started to think about this and started to Google what ever I wanted answers to. One day it dawned on me (or maybe God was giving me divine insight) that I can Google when I needed to find where certain scriptures were in the Bible. I did this a couple of times and now I am hooked!!!

How many times have you started God conversations with people and you think of a scripture you really want to share. You only remember part of it, or you may remember the sort of meaning of it and you are trying so hard to remember it all. Sometimes people ask, well where is that in the Bible and you are not quite sure where it is. Before Google, I remember being in these situations and desperately trying to remember scriptures I really, really wanted to share and just could not remember where it was in the Bible. You may have an awesome scripture quote and the person you are talking to says, I don’t believe that is in the Bible. You know it is in the Bible, but you don’t know where so the conversation is lost.

Well…Google solves all these problems!

Google makes it so easy to find scriptures in the Bible!!! On my phone I can go to Google and say “OK Google” When it says “speak now” I can then speak what I am looking for and Google finds it for me!!! Quick and easy…I love it!

For example go to Google and say “OK Google” when it says “speak now” ask “Where in the Bible does it say love is the fulfillment of the law?” Boom Galatians 5:14!!! I LOVE IT!!!

If you are feeling down, depressed, stressed, angry whatever, you can also ask google “where in the Bible does it help us with____________ (fill in the blank)” and there will be links about Bible verses that help you with what you are going through! You can look them up on the spot and seek God for help, love, and support.

Do this when you are looking for Bible verses or need some answers from the Bible and it works like a charm!!!

If your computer or phone doesn’t let you speak into it you can go to Google and type it in….it may take a little more time but you still get your answers.

Try it… it is so much fun.

Love in Christ,



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