Live Powerfully with Joy and Success!


Live Powerfully with Joy and Success!

So, How can you live powerfully with joy and success?

You can do this through asking yourself powerful, provocative questions.

The power of life coaching is in the question. I love powerful questions. They can change your life.  There are lots of great questions I could write about today, but I am going to leave you with one question that could change your life forever.

When ever you are doing anything in your life ask yourself…

Is this conducive to my health, happiness, well-being, success and joy?

If it is a yes then do it, if it is a no then don’t do it. For example, is this sugary sweet conducive to my health, happiness, and well-being, success and joy? Well, it may contribute to your happiness and joy but not to your health, well-being and success in the long run, so the answer is no do not do it. Example, is this salad conducive to my health, happiness, well-being, joy and success? the answer is yes, do it.

*Any major decisions in life I always recommend you to pray about it also, but questions can also support you to make wise decisions.

Try asking yourself this question when you are making your daily decisions throughout the day.

How has this question impacted your life? Please share in the comment area below.

Love, Kim

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