Have you been hurt by Christians or the Church?



Have you been hurt by Christians or the Church?

I hear this a lot from people who no longer go to church or people who are mad at God for some reason, or others who don’t believe in God anymore because of this.

There are a lot of people that have been hurt by the Church and or Christians who have hurt them. Maybe you have not been hurt by the church or other Christians, but you have been disappointed by them in some way. I personally have been hurt by other Christians in the past. I did go to a very small church a long time ago that also hurt me.

Thank God!!! We don’t worship the church or christian people!! God says in the Bible that we all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God (Romans 3:23)! If you go to the Bible and look up John 2:24 it says that Jesus did not entrust himself to man because he knew what was in each person. We do not serve man but God, the God of all creation!…a perfect loving God, yes perfect.

Only God is perfect. In an imperfect world it is so nice to know that the God we serve is perfect. We have access to a perfect God anytime we want. I love this. A loving perfect God who wishes to lavish us with love and gifts, joy and peace if we love and serve him wholeheartedly and put Him first.

When you take a chance and reach out to Jesus and say I want to serve you 100%, I give you my life, amazing things start to happen! I can honestly say my life is filled with God’s joy, love, and peace everyday. Even when I am going through hard times, God is there supporting me. God is actually with me more when I am going through the hard times. I have gone through a lot of hard times in my life and God has never let me down. He was always with me.

I trust God that he is in control of my life and I trust that what ever is going on in my life God is allowing it, because I told God to take control of my life. I know  God will make everything work out for my good (the Bible, Romans 8:28). I have found out that all the bad times I have gone through in my life have made me a better person. God knows what he is doing and it does seem to all work out for my best in the end.

Let go and trust God…life becomes amazing! Give God a try today! He is awesome! Love and forgive people because they don’t know what they are doing according to Jesus (Luke 23:34). Keep your eyes on Jesus not man and God will lead the way.

Walk in God’s love and grace!


Would you like to give God a try today and start an amazing journey you will never regret?

If you would like to be a child of God pray the above prayer.






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