How to figure out what you want your life to be!


Do you sometimes think about what you want your life to be like, but your not really sure what you want. This exercise will give you some clarity on what it is you really want.

Get a piece of paper or your favorite journal and block out an hour or two of quiet time to yourself to work on this. Spend a good amount of time and don’t rush this process.

Write down everything you want in your life and I mean every detail even if it includes I want a cup of coffee right now or I want to take a nap. Write down EVERYTHING! Every dream, every thing on your bucket list, everything. Take time with this and write it all down.

When you spent all the time you needed to write it all down with EVERYTHING you want in your life written down, look at your list and sit with it. Spend some time being with your list, looking at it and adding anything else that comes to your mind. Tweek your list as you go. Then put it away.

For the next few days look at your list daily and be with your list. Tweek it as you go.

After a couple of days look at your list again and try to look at the whole picture. Do you start to see a picture of what you want your life to be like?

Your dream life should start to emerge!

Once you get a vision of what your dream life looks like, start to take some action steps to move into the direction of your dreams! This should be an exciting adventure into something wonderful! If you get creative you can have anything you want!

I hope this exercise has inspired you! If you got inspired please share in the comment section.



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