How to add more joy to your life!

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Here is a great way to add more joy to your life.

To do this you have some homework you need to do. It is fun homework. Get a piece of paper and write down 75 things that bring the most joy to your life.  It may take a little while to come up with 75, but you can take a few days and write down all the things that bring you great joy. It is also fun to ask some of your family and friends to get in on this. You can share your lists and you may find some great ideas from other people’s lists to add to your list.

Once you have your list think about ways to add more of these things into your daily life, thus adding more joy to your life. For instance fresh flowers bring me joy, so I try to always have fresh flowers in my house. It does not have to be expensive. I find that a $4.00 bunch of carnations add great joy to my life and they last a few weeks. Get creative.

I hope this blog will bring great joy to your life today!



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