Be a Light in the world! Especially now!

Live a Life you Love! A Life that Works on your terms!

Get back to God and God’s pure ways of living!

Let’s start a relationship getting to know  Jesus! Following His ways by walking in love, eating the foods that God made for us to eat, using natural alternatives, the one’s God gave us to use…ones that build health not destroy it! Let’s get back to the basics of knowing our Bible…God gave us a life manual to follow to be happy and successful…it is the Bible. I have come to realize that God teaches us how to live a higher vibration life.

Fall in love with God and His Word!

Be the Light in this dark world!

Come from a place of love!

Be Successful! Love your Life!



This blog is to inspire, support, and educate you to live a life you love!…to inspire you to have an Amazing Life!, In no way will it diagnose or treat anything. Please see your doctor if you feel you have a medical or mental health concern.

I really love you all! If I say anything that offends you, I am sorry. I will never willingly say anything to hurt anyone. You are all beautiful!

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