God’s Pharmacy…Essential Oils

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God is amazing and He has given us everything we need to be healthy and happy.

My health and wellness philosophy is to do it God’s way and stay away from man made stuff as much as possible. This means our diet should consist mainly of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, nut and seeds. Use quality vitamin supplements that are not chemicals , but whole food supplements. Stay away from processed foods and supplements that are man-made chemical ones. Drink plenty of clean water (like distilled), be positive. God tells us to dwell on that which is lovely, pure and good. ..And did you know that essential oils, God’s goodness from plants, can do us a lot of good naturally. Google essential oils and you will be fascinated by all the great things they can do naturally. Look for the pure therapeutic grade oils that are not loaded with chemicals. Stick with God’s plan not man’s and you will be in a good place. A lot of people go for the man made cheaper essential oils because they are less expensive. Yes, chemicals can be cheap, but they do nothing for your health and can actually be harmful. Pay a little more and go for quality, not quantity. This goes for food, essential oils, beauty products, household cleaners etc…Choose quality healthy products and stay away from chemicals and man made stuff as much as possible to live a clean pure lifestyle for you and your family. I believe God knows best.

Also, Make sure you don’t use products that contain animal products or do animal testing. It is healthier for you and you are not harming animals…it is a win win situation! I feel that if you are secondhandedly harming animals it is bad karma! What comes around goes around.

Walk in love for all living beings!



Reduce toxins in your life with pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. For information on the essential oils I love, go to my doterra website at:  www.mydoterra.com/reducetoxins

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