God answers prayer! Thank You God!


OK…Thanksgiving day… this little one week old precious little girl gets taken to the ER for a medical emergency…her temperature is over 100.4! The hospital says they have to do a spinal tap because they were concerned she had bacterial spinal meningitis…life threatening! Test done and family told this little girl has bacterial spinal meningitis and is rushed to the intensive care unit. Family told very serious, could be death or severe medical problems related to this. Precious baby being treated in ICU.
Meanwhile…..family and friends come together in some serious prayer! Some non stop serious prayers…day and night…begging God to spare her life and make her well.
Today… two days later, little girl well, very healthy , happy, and going home with her family.
The Hospital reports to family today that it was a very rare lab error..little Evie June did not have bacterial meningitis…just a viral infection that will run its course with no problem. Now a healthy little girl.
You decide…very rare lab error or answer to prayer? Personally…I do not believe it was a lab error! I so believe God answered our prayers big time!!! He spared little Evie’s life! THANK YOU GOD!!! It is so like the world to overlook the miracles of God!

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