Make your goals fun!

Have you had the same New Year’s Resolutions year after year?  Have you had the same life goals forever. Loose 20 pounds, eat healthier, get your degree, further your education. It all feels like shoulds. I should loose 20 pounds, I should eat healthier, I should further my education. If you are having difficulty completing your goals it may be because shoulds are just no fun. What is so inspiring about things you should do. Nothing at all. This may be why you have had some of the same goals for years. There is nothing there to propel you forward except you should do it. Boring.

How about making  your goals more fun so you want to do them! You are inspired by them. It is joyous working towards their completion.

So, how do you go about making your goals more fun? Start planning for some fun. Do you want to eat healthier and loose some weight? Then plan something that inspires you that will naturally make you eat healthier and loose weight. Sign up for a mini marathon if this is what you love, schedule a trip to Florida or Hawaii, you will want to be thin and healthy for the beach. Sign up for a dating website to find your dream man/woman and start looking good. What would be your dream job and sign up for a degree in this! What inspires you more than anything and incorporate your goals around this! Sounds much more exciting doesn’t it. Not only will you accomplish your goals joyfully, but you will be living a much more exciting life in the process!

What are your dreams? Start living them?

Best of luck!


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