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It used to be really difficult for me to read my Bible daily. I would get distracted and forget all the time. I would go day after day saying I have to read my Bible and just not do it. I didn’t know why it was sooo difficult to sit down and read my Bible! I then realized, the reason I had such difficulty was because reading my Bible was not a habit. If things are not habits then life gets in the way and we just don’t do it on a regular basis. So I decided to make daily Bible reading a habit. Every morning I would start the day with a cup of coffee and read my Bible for at least 10 minutes. Every day when I did this I marked it on a monthly calendar so I could see the whole month and how many times I read my Bible. I like to check things off so this worked nicely for me. Everyday for two months I would check off my daily Bible reading. Some days it was joyful and some days I just did not feel like reading my Bible. Some days I had distractions in my way…maybe this amazing book I wanted to continue to read or a magazine sitting next to me at the table. I pressed through and made sure my Bible reading was a first thing in the morning priority. After a 2-3 months (I firmly believe it takes about three months to form a habit) I started to form my Bible reading habit and I started to really love to read my Bible. No more distractions…I looked forward to it and got great joy from it. This was my time with God every morning. I now love this time so much that when Sunday comes, I have my daily God/Bible time. Technically, I don’t feel like I have to read on Sundays because I have God time which is church, but I still have that morning time, just because I have grown to love it!

Try to establish a daily Bible reading habit, even it if is just 10 minutes, you will be glad you did!

If you decide to give this a try let me know how it goes by writing a comment on this post.

Love, Kim

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