Do this to get Happier!

This post is going to be short and simple, but meaningful!

Do this to get happier!

Do you want to add more happiness to  your life? Happiness doesn’t just happen, you have to create it!

So here is a way to add more happiness to your life!…the magic key is:  you have to do it= to achieve more happiness!

Here it is…Make up your bucket list. Write down 50-100 things you always wanted to do and start doing them!

First sit down and write out your bucket list. It doesn’t have to be all big things, just things you love to do or want to do. It can be big…ie: a month in Hawaii, or it can be smaller like get a massage… Spend some time to soul search and write down the things you always wanted to do or love to do, things that are meaningful to you, things that will bring you joy when you do them…

Second…Do the things on your bucket list!  Take Action!

Ok! Get going & Be Happy! ??❤

With Love,


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