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I firmly believe as a Christian we need to walk in love, compassion, and mercy on all levels and I believe this includes love, compassion, and mercy for all God’s creatures, not just humans. In Genesis God told man that he has dominion over all the animals on earth, Genesis 1:26.  In the NIV Bible proverbs 12:10 it says “A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, …..In “The Garden of Eden”, our ideal environment, Man did not eat meat.

I can see eating meat if we had to eat meat to survive or we would die, but this is NOT the case. Studies have shown over and over again that eating meat and animal products can be detrimental to our health and can contribute to all the leading health diseases of our time. Wow, if we do not eat meat we will be healthier and we get to walk with compassion, love, and mercy for all living things. What an awesome thing. We don’t have to kill to eat and we will be healthier if we don’t kill. Thank you God that we don’t have to kill your beautiful creatures! Since God has us as stewards over all the animals of the earth, I feel we have an obligation as Christians to protect and love these precious creatures entrusted to us. Being mean and killing, and torturing God’s precious creatures all in the name of food that can make us sick does not make any sense. I guess God gives us our payback. If we eat too much animal products we get sick. Hurt the animals…hurt us. I guess what comes around, goes around.

Check out these two christian animal rights groups.

Consider getting involved in protecting God’s precious creatures that he has entrusted us with.

Love,  Kim

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