Are you longing to change your life and be renewed?

Here is one of my favorite books! I find it to be very inspiring. If you follow its program it can change your life, refresh and renew you. I feel this book is transformational! This program cleanses your body, mind, and spirit. It is called The 3-day Energy Fast by Pamela Serure, I love how Pam writes.

IF you want to do some self discovery and cleansing this is a great book for that.

Her 3-day program involves fasting/juicing, meditation, and ritual.

I don’t know if you can find this book anywhere, but I looked on and it looks like she may have updated it and gave it a new name. The new name is 3 days to Vitality : Cleanse your body, clear your mind, claim your spirit by Pamela Serure. Search amazon by her name and it will come up. I haven’t read this updated version but I just ordered it, I am sure it is just as amazing as the one I have.

May this book transform your life into something magical!



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