A Few of my Favorite Vegan Things from 2021

2021 is coming to an end and I thought I would share a few of my favorite vegan things from 2021 and (3) not vegan things.

My 5 vegan favorites are:

1.) Chobani plain extra creamy oat milk. I love this stuff!!! It is so creamy and delicious! I love it in my coffee, in my matcha drink, in my cereals, etc… 2.) Miyoko’s cultured vegan butter. Try this and you will want to eat the whole package. 3.) I love my doterra essential oils! They are pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. I love the Frankincense to put in my lotions and bath. I love the Lavendar to diffuse. I love the Oregano oil to put on my feet to support myself during cold & flu season. Of course, I have other favorites, but these are a few of them. I became a doterra distributor I love them so! My doterra website is my.doterra.com/kwoods if you want to learn more about these amazing essential oils or to purchase them (Thanks for your support if you do). 4.) I love Arbonne’s Age Well vegan skincare line and their vegan make-up! The skincare has a plant-based retinol alternative, stabilized vitamin C, and sustainable plant stem cell extract. They are a little pricier than drug store brands, but I think they are worth it! You get what you pay for. They also don’t have any toxic substances in them and the cheaper vegan products in the store might. Clean vegan products and organic foods are important to me. You have to watch what you put on your body and what you put on your skin because you don’t want to put toxins in your body. I feel Arbonne has healthy, quality vegan products. They have clean vegan skincare, make-up, and Health and Wellness products. I like them so much I became an independent Consultant for Arbonne. You can go to my Arbonne website at KimWoods.arbonne.com. Again if you purchase anything here, Thanks for your support! I am currently trying out their Skin Elixir plant-based collagen with hyaluronic acid dietary supplement. I just started to take it so we will see how it does, I am getting older now. Let’s see if I see a difference. LOL. People do still say I have nice skin at 58 yrs old, but I do take care of it, live a clean lifestyle, and eat vegan. Green smoothies with lots of organic greens are the elixir of life, I believe. 5.) Lastly on my vegan love list is… I love my matcha drink! My favorite brand is from matchalove.org. It is an organic ceremonial grade matcha tea and of course vegan. Watch it though, you only need a little! I made the mistake when I first got it and put one teaspoon of it in my drink and it was way too much for me. I little of it goes a long way!

My not vegan things I love (they are not vegan because they are books and crystals, I guess they could also be vegan since there are no animal products in them)

I absolutely love, love, love my bullet journal! Bullet journaling was created by Ryder Carroll. Check out his website at bulletjournal.com to find out more and check out his book “The Bullet Journal Method”. There are also lots of YouTube.com videos on how others customize their bullet journal. Bullet journaling is amazing because you can plan your whole life out any way you want to. It gives you a lot of creative freedoms to plan your datebook exactly the way you want to that works for you. Everyone’s bullet journal is different. I have tried lots of datebooks and life planners and this one is by far my favorite! I do it a little differently. I use the bullet journal method for everything in my bullet journal except I don’t put my weekly schedule in. I use a small weekly planner separate from my bullet journal for my day to day to do lists. Like I said, you can customize this system any way you want. That is why I love it!

Another favorite of mine are my crystals. They are so beautiful, and they make me happy. My happy place is a crystal shop, shopping for beautiful crystals.

My last favorite to share is the book “With an Everlasting Love” by Kay Arthur. I have read this book several times in the past and have even given copies to other women and copies to women’s groups because I feel it is that amazing! It is my 2021 fav because it has been on my mind lately and I had to buy a new one to read recently because I gave all my other copies away. It is a quick read that will make an everlasting impression on you. It is really a beautiful story about Christ and the Church.

I hope you enjoy my 2021 favorites as much as I do!

Happy 2022 New Year!



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