30 things that bring me JOY!

Here are 30 things that bring me Joy. You can look at them and see if any of them bring your joy too. They are not in any particular order.

1.God, serving God (always joyous!)

2. Reading my Bible and talking to God every morning with my coffee

3. Doing random acts of kindness

4. Making a difference in someone’s life, a kind word.

5. Worshiping God (during church worship or even just singing to God with youtube christian videos where they have the lyrics)

6. Nature- I love being in nature!!! Nature is so balancing-

7. Animals- yes, I am a little crazy about animals, I love animals!!! They make me happy. I have to stop myself from having a house full! I currently have a greyhound and a big 17 pound cat.

8. Children- children are so precious there are not even words! I love children!

9. Spending time with my family, and hanging out with friends and loved ones.

10. Traveling

11.  fresh flowers

12. Sitting out in the sun reading a good book.

13. good books, I love to read!

14. Learning something new, a topic that interests me

15. Good conversations with awesome people

16. Meeting new people

17. Checking things off my to do list when they are done

18. Writing (starting is the hardest, once started it does get joyful…lol)

19.When my lawn is freshly mowed

20. A Christian concert

21. Theatre

22. A really good art exhibit

23. Doing something creative

24. Making a difference in the world

25. Candles and incense

26. music

27. teaching a Bible study in a nursing home

28. Praying for people who really need prayer

29. Going for a bike ride

30. canoeing or kayaking

Please leave a comment on what brings you joy.



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